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Style Furoshiki Using Jewelry

If you're looking for a unique way to add a touch of sophistication to your look, pair your Furoshiki with some jewelry in order to create a purse, a top or further accessorize your look. 

Style Furoshiki Using Jewelry Style Furoshiki Using Jewelry


Style Furoshiki Using Jewelry

If you're looking for a unique way to add a touch of sophistication to your look, pair your Furoshiki with some jewelry in order to create a purse, a top or further accessorize your look. 

Style Furoshiki Using Jewelry Style Furoshiki Using Jewelry

Wrappr has demonstrated time and time again that there is more than just one way to wear and re-purpose your Furoshiki. Whether it is styled as a retro top or a chic belt, there is no shortage of ways to style this versatile accessory.  To help you get some inspiration, we curated a guide on how you can incorporate jewelry into your Furoshiki look. 

1. The Top & Necklace Pair

Image of someone wearing Furoshiki top with jewelry, with the image of the product next to it

Beautifully designed by Argentinian Artist Vivi Maidanik, Jade is a Mulberry Silk Furoshiki that is a timeless accessory for your wardrobe. Tying your furoshiki to your necklace gives you a top with beautiful dimension. The image featured above is just one of the many ways you can style your Furoshiki top with jewelry.

How-To-Tie It:  Grab two diagonal corners of your Furoshiki and fold it in half, into a triangle. Next, take the top tip of your triangle and double knot it around your necklace. Take the two remaining ends and wrap them around your body and tie them together with a knot.



Use your necklace to turn your furoshiki wrap into a beautiful top! This necklace is called Sloane it is by Lovers tempo! This furoshiki is called Esmerald it is by Argentinian Artist Vivi Maidanik ! #furoshiki #howtostyle #howtostylefuroshiki #artists #fashion #fashionhacks #silk

♬ Diet Mountain Dew - Lana Del Rey


2. The Top & Body Necklace Pair 



You can take a long necklace and use it to style your furoshiki into a top! This accessorizes the look and gives you even more options for tops using your furoshiki! #furoshiki #howtostylefuroshiki #howtostyle #fashion #artists #fashionhacks #styletips #silkscarf #jewelry

♬ Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey

A body necklace can help to beautifully contour your body using your Furoshiki. The elegant lightweight Silk Furoshiki featured above, is called Charm by BC Artist Essery Waller. Charm juxtaposes against a more retro pairing of jewelry and creates a stunning look that you can wear, day to night.


How-To-Tie It:  Start by folding your Furoshiki in half, into a rectangle. Next,  slip your long, unclasped body chain under the rectangle. Take the two ends of your necklace and wrap it around your back and bring it to the front. You will then want to create a criss cross with your necklace and clasp it around your neck. You can now tie the top two corners as well as the bottom two corners together in a knot. 

3. The Top & Ring Pair 



Use a ring to style your Furoushiki as a cute top!!💗💗💗 #bts #furoshiki #howtostyle #howtostylefuroshiki #styletips #silkscarf #silk #fashion #jewelry

♬ Sex and the City (Main Theme) - TV Sounds Unlimited

Charm, designed by BC Artist Essery Waller is patterned with different shapes and beautiful line work and is no stranger to elegance and wearability.  A ring can provide shape to your look and help hold your Furoshiki in place as you go about your day. You can use a large ring as a statement piece here or some fine jewelry to simply elevate your furoshiki top.  

How-To-Tie It: Start by folding your Furoshiki in half, in the shape of a rectangle. Next, take one of the shorter sides of the Furoshiki and slip your Furoshiki through your ring, until you reach the halfway point. Then take two opposite corners, one located on the left side of the ring, the other on the right, and tie it around your neck like a halter top. Take the bottom two corners and tie around your back to finish the look!

4. The Scarf & Necklace Pair 



You can spice up any scarf look using jewelry! This beautiful necklace is by Lover’s Tempo it’s their Chain Reaction necklace! The furoshiki used in this video is called Agate by Artist Vivi Maidanik! #furoshiki #howtostylefuroshiki #howtostyle #fashion #artists #fashionhacks

♬ Dissolve - Absofacto

This iconic design by Argentinian artist Vivi Maidanik is called Agate, this almost pencil drawn artwork is so beautifully detailed, adding a gorgeous pop of colour to your look. Our Furoshiki's have always been known to make beautiful scarves.  Another iteration of this is to pair it with a necklace. This contemporary look is a perfect option to wear during the workweek and beyond. 

How-To-Tie It: Fold your square Furoshiki into a thin rectangle and lay it around your neck without tying it. Next, take your clasped necklace and loop each end of your Furoshiki once around it. Tie the two ends of your Furoshiki together with two knots. Let the extra fabric fall loosely to compliment your look!

5. The Purse & Body Chain



This super classy Furoushiki purse can take you from your day to night looks! This print by Toronto Artist Jenna Caswell is called Gather, it’s a Small Silk Furoshiki and it’s giving us an organic feel with a subtle pop of colour! #furoshiki #fashionhacks #styletips #silkscarf #fashion #howtostylefuroshiki #howtostyle #artists #jewelry #fyp

♬ Every Second - Mina Okabe

There is no better way to elevate your day to day purse than by using Furoshiki to add a pop of colour and print to your look. This beautiful print is by Toronto based Artist Jenna Caswell, called Gather. When paired with some jewelry to create a beautiful strap your purse will complete your day to night looks. 

How-To-Tie It: Loop one corner around a clasped body chain and tie a double knot with it's perpendicular corner. Repeat this step with the opposite side. You can then use the chain as a strap! The jewelry helps make your furoshiki purse pop even more!

6. The Belt & Necklace Pair


When you pair your Furoushiki with jewelry the possibilities for design are endless. We have partnered with The Lovers tempo to show you how you can wear your jewelry as a belt using furoshiki!! This necklace is called the Boyfriend Chain and the wrap is Esmerald in Large Silk by Artist Vivi Maidanik! #furoshiki #howtostylefuroshiki #howtostyle #fashion #artists #fashionhacks #silk

♬ Stargirl Interlude - The Weeknd

Esmerald, is a Mulberry Silk Furoshiki designed by Artist Vivi Maidanik. She used an intricate design and a sophisticated colour pallet to create this timeless Furoshiki. Using Jewelry and Furoshiki as a belt is an unexpected way to elevate your daily edit. This look can be teamed with your favourite go to denim, trousers and a basic black or white tee and consider that you're new go-to outfit staple!

How-To-Tie It: Loop your scarf through a clasped necklace once and gently thread it through the belt loops of your pants, or lay it over your waist. Tie the furoshiki to the other end of your necklace. You can leave ends untied to add a relaxed finish to your everyday looks.

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