Why Wrappr Furoshiki Wraps Make the Best Travel Accessory

Why Wrappr Furoshiki Wraps Make the Best Travel Accessory

Gorgeous, sustainable and affordable, Wrappr is the simple, earth-loving alternative to disposable paper gift wrapping. It is a circular product made with the intention to be repurposed as a tote bag, a top, a hair wrap and so much more. Honouring Furoshiki, the 1,200-year-old Japanese tradition of fabric wrapping, each Wrappr is a gift in itself, designed to be repurposed or re-used and perfect for any season or celebration. Created by independent artists who love our planet as much as you do, it is a travel product that is just as pretty as it is functional.

Wrap a gift
gif of someone wrapping a gift box

Throne Large Cotton Furoshiki Wrap by Artist Nina Clausonet.

Give the gift that keeps on giving with Wrappr. With their wide range of designs, sizes and textures, you can find the furoshiki wrap that will best suit your loved one and the occasion. Wrappr makes gift wrapping easy and beautiful - just fold, tie and give!

When you gift Wrappr, you are gifting artwork that can live on and be seen by more eyes after being distributed through a network of friends and family by way of gifting.

Wrap a bottle

gif of a wine bottle wrapped in furoshiki

Voyage Medium Cotton Furoshiki Wrap by Artist Alby Kenny.

The gift of a bottle of wine is a classic staple and there is always a great selection at duty free shops. Opt for a reusable alternative to traditional one-time use wrapping paper to wrap your bottle of wine and your loved one gets two gifts in one!

Each one of Wrappr's furoshiki wraps is made out of organic cotton, satin or mulberry silk and is designed to be reused again and again. When gifting something like wine, it is sometimes hard to make your gift stand out. Wrappr adds character, thoughtfulness and beauty to a gift. The independent artists that work with Wrappr have created beautiful designs that are sure to delight your friends and family. You can read about the artists and learn more about their artwork on their website.

Wrap a bouquet of flowers

image of a bouquet wrapped in furoshiki

(From left to right) Eden Large Satin Furoshiki Wrap by Artist Nikita Abuya, Tranquility Medium Cotton Furoshiki Wrap by Artist Sophia Choi, Rise a Large Cotton Furoshiki Wrap by Artist Kristin Heldt.

A bouquet of flowers, hand tied in furoshiki may just be the most perfect gift when you have to pick up a little something special for someone at an airport. You can create incredible arrangements of flowers and pick a furoshiki wrap that highlights the colours in your bouquet.

No detail is too small in the designs of Wrappr's furoshiki wraps - the packaging, the richness of the colours and the beautiful sustainable fabric, you name it - and Wrappr will provide. They are the expert at keeping things chic while reducing waste like plastic and cellophane and remaining eco-friendly. When the flowers run their course, your loved one will be left with a beautiful furoshiki wrap to re-use as gift wrap again or keep it for themselves and repurpose it entirely.

Use it as a bag

image of a tote bag made out of furoshiki

Cleanse a Large Organic Cotton Furoshiki Wrap by Artist lzysunday

Wrappr's furoshiki wraps are light and easy to carry in your carry-on and travel bags. When traveling, it is always a priority to maximize travel space which is why furoshiki wraps are the perfect accessory to slip into your luggage and pull out when you need another bag to hold extra things that you pick up on your journey.

With furoshiki, there are endless possibilities for customization. The versatility of this product allows you to quickly tie up the bag that will best fit your current needs - wether its a tote bag that you can throw over your shoulder or a cosmetic bag to fit all your essentials, they have got you covered. Wrappr offers step-by-step tutorials and inspiration on their website and social channels, making it easy to learn. With Wrappr, the only limitation is your creativity.

Use as a blanket

  gif of the escapism collection by wrappr

Escapism Collection by lzysunday.

Traveling light is great in theory, but it is always hard to sacrifice the things you need when you're traveling. The real highlight here, is Wrappr's versatility. A furoshiki wrap takes up hardly any space in your luggage and can replace many of your travel essentials, lightening your load.

Additionally, it's always comforting to have the option of an extra layer when you are traveling from place to place. Your furoshiki wrap can make a beautiful breathable blanket and keep you comfortable as you arrive to your destination.

Wear it

gif of different outfits

Because there is nothing wrong with having options, Wrappr's versatility is the answer to many of your travel wishes. It is always a priority for travellers to save some space in their travel bags. That's why packing just one furoshiki wrap is your best bet.

You can choose to wear your wrap as an accessory for functionality or beauty. It can be a thirty second outfit upgrade, from a scarf that will keep you warm, to a hair piece. You can use your furoshiki as a head wrap, to hold your hair back as you wash your face, or an accessory to spice up a look. You can also style your one furoshiki as several different tops - diversifying your wardrobe in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner that is great for travel.

Wrappr's TikTok and Instagram offer constant inspiration on how you can use and re-use your furoshiki wraps.

Give art, not waste @givewrappr

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