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Sephora x Wrappr

Ana Carolina Lopes

Here is our interview with Ana Carolina Lopes, otherwise known as Ana Cayana. Ana is a French Brazilian illustrator, print designer, creative entrepreneur, and mother. She is originally from Manaus, Brazil, and currently lives and creates in London, England.

Ana Carolina Lopes

Sephora x Wrappr

Ana Carolina Lopes

Here is our interview with Ana Carolina Lopes, otherwise known as Ana Cayana. Ana is a French Brazilian illustrator, print designer, creative entrepreneur, and mother. She is originally from Manaus, Brazil, and currently lives and creates in London, England.

Ana Carolina Lopes

Wrappr: Please share a little bit about yourself.

Ana: I'm a French Brazilian surface print designer, illustrator, creative entrepreneur and mother to a beautiful boy named Leo. I live and create my artwork in London but I'm originally from Manaus, the largest city in the Brazilian Amazon. The majority of my work is about nature, fauna and flora inspired by my origins.

Together with surface design, travelling is one of my biggest passions and another great source of inspiration too. As cliche as it sounds, I'm truly passionate about what I do. It's more than work, it's my lifestyle as I love painting, going to exhibitions, discovering new artists, movies, music, new places. I create artwork for any kind of surface, from fabrics to wallpapers. Being present in people's lives and inspiring them is very important to me. I want my artwork to make people feel something special, like the feeling you get when you are listening to your favourite song.

I consider myself a designer and artist in the making, my perception of becoming an artist is to take off all those layers/masks, embrace who you are, in the deepest meaning of it, it's to speak your truth and create all things that are close to your heart, that authenticity is what eventually connects your artwork with people, it's what resonates deeply with them.

W: Can you tell us a bit about your process for creating art?

A: There is a difference when I'm designing for a client or when I'm creating a piece for myself. When I'm working with a client, I have a more rational approach to the project, I have steps I follow during the entire project to make sure that what I'm creating translates the client’s brand DNA and fits the creative brief. When I paint freely on my own time, I allow myself to make mistakes, experiment with different mediums and materials.

Recently, I started an artist journal where I write, paint and cut with anything available, including makeup. In both cases I always follow this ritual I love to do: I create a physical moodboard, so I can visualise the concept and see all the references and inspirations in one place. I study the colours, the shapes and references as sometimes it can be something I have never painted before. Once I have that mental image in my head and I have studied how to execute it, this is when the magic happens. I put lavender on my wrists and a playlist that connects with me in that moment. This is usually at night or when my little one is in school.

When I start painting, I paint each motif separately, then scan and edit them all. The composition is created digitally on photoshop with these watercolour elements.

Art Studio of Ana Carolina Lopes

W: Please tell us a bit about this design called ‘New Horizons’. What is the inspiration behind the piece?

A: I think creating this design was quite intuitive, at this time I was trying to translate something personal that we all felt the past year. It was a hard moment, and we've all been forced to rethink a lot of things, embrace the cracks, adapt, grow. And this is exactly what this design represents: resilience and new beginnings.

This surrealist design is illustrated by the sun rising in the distant horizon, florals and elements of nature surrounding it. The cracked porcelain symbolises the old world fading away. From the cracks in the porcelain, a hummingbird and a goldfish emerge to represent a thriving new life filled with happiness and good fortune. All motifs were hand painted with watercolour.

Details of artwork by Ana Carolina Lopes

When creating this design for Wrappr and Sephora I had many references that came into my mind like Salvador Dali's surrealist piece that has gorgeous gradient skies/horizons such as "The Persistence of Memory” (1931) and the "Meditative Rose” (1958). I visualized a fuchsia flower, hummingbirds and fish scales and makeup and its textures, and I thought of Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing cracked porcelain with gold. It celebrates each object’s unique history by emphasizing its breaks, instead of trying to hide them, giving them a new look, a second life. Isn't that a beautiful metaphor for what life should be like? Embracing our broken parts and growing from them truthfully and beautifully.

New Horizons furoshiki design by artist Ana Carolina Lopes

W: What is furoshiki and why is it important this holiday?

A: Furoshiki are traditional wrapping cloths originating from Japan, used to wrap and transport goods. They also serve as a great reusable alternative to wrapping paper. It’s a lovely way to wrap your gifts and they are also a beautiful gift on their own.

Gift wrapped with furoshiki wrap

W: Who is Wrappr?

A: I truly admire Wrappr's concept, they are a reusable and no-waste furoshiki gift wrap company that creates unique wraps designed by real artists who get a portion of every sale of their prints. Wrappr’s mission is to eliminate the waste created by gifting and to support real artists.

W: How do you feel about being involved in this collaboration between Wrappr and Sephora?

A: The Wrappr x Sephora Collaboration means a lot to me. It’s one of the proudest moments of my career. Both brands are incredibly inspiring and stand for very important causes. I feel that now more than ever it is important to support brands that stand by the same values as I do.

I love Wrappr’s mission to eliminate the waste created by gifting and how they do it in such a beautiful way by also supporting artists! Sephora is all about empowerment and inclusion of people, embracing diversity and caring for the planet. It's a brand I have always admired, so it was definitely an honour to be part of this collaboration.

Artist Ana Carolina Lopes with furoshiki wrap


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