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Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese fabric wrap and has existed in Japan for over 1,200 years. Pronounced foo-roh-shee-kee, the word breaks down to mean ‘bath spread.’. Read more about the History of Furoshiki here.

We currently use cotton, polyester and silk and are always exploring new material options.

All of the artwork is created by independent artists who are paid upfront for their work and also get $1.00 for every sale of their own prints. Get to know the artists by reading our artist interviews here.

Yes, we are always interested in working with new artists. If you are interested in having your artwork on a Wrappr then you can learn more and contact us here.

Our furoshiki wraps are made in China in a BSCI, ISO9001 and HIGG certified factory and are shipped worldwide from the US.

If your Wrappr becomes wrinkled, just iron it or steam to remove the creases (low heat for satin and silk furoshiki wraps). If your Wrappr gets dirty just throw it in the wash with your clothes, towels or whatever laundry you’re already doing. Wash with like colours in cold water, then hang to try to prevent shrinking.

Because all of our furoshiki wraps are designed to be reused we deliberately don't include any text, religious or cultural symbols in any of the artwork. We really want to show that the beauty in the artwork is universal and can be enjoyed and reused by anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time of year.

Yes we do, you can learn more about buying wholesale here.

Yes, you can learn more about custom orders and contact us here.