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I love the collection, its so bright and the fabric has an amazing quality, and it arrived very fast.

Great quality

Shiny and soft material, perfect finish to wrap any gift!


Beautiful and soft, just perfect for wraping a gift and use it as an extra gift itself!

The Harmony Bundle | 4 Furoshiki Gift Wraps by Nina Ramos, 18", 28", 35" & 50"
Beautiful Design, Silky Fabric

I received a pack of these beautifully designed wrapprs and was able to immediately use one to wrap a gift for an expecting mom. The lovely color combinations and silky fabric are just perfect.

Just amazing response from customers

Wonderfully made, beautiful. Love them

Amazing wrappers! My customers keep

Happy Customer

So glad I came across this website. Just love my Back to Basics Bundle and the tutorials are greatly appreciated. Have given one gift so far wrapped in the Serene Wrappr. Recipient was thrilled to get this beautiful piece of organic cotton. Makes such a unique and lovely presentation.

Beyond Wrapping

I love my Wrappr scarves. I wrapped Mom's Mother's Day gift in the Patient Shadow and she loved it! It was the perfect size to wrap a book I got her as a gift and she is planning on wearing the scarf with her favorite dress! As a sustainable style consultant, I am ready to start only wrapping my gifts in Wrappr scaves.

Koi & the Lily Bundle | 3 Furoshiki Wraps
Barbara Garcia
Brilliant designs

I really love them gifting for Christmas my friends will be in for a treat

Tsukimi Bundle | 3 Furoshiki Wraps
Barbara Garcia
Awesome style

The wraps are awesome gave as a gift they were greatly appreciated a lot of my friends didn’t know about how to wrap gifts were truly amazed

I LOVE my wraps!

When I learned about furoshiki last year, I began searching for pre-made wraps. I was referred to WRAPPR by a woman who wrote a book about furoshiki, and I'm so grateful she told me about this company! The wraps are beautiful, and wrapping with cloth instead of paper makes such good sense! If you're looking for furoshiki wraps you'll be thrilled to discover WRAPPR!

Serenity Bundle | 3 Furoshiki Gift Wraps by Rawbie Thring, 18", 28" & 35"

No customer service replies since ten days, I waited to post a review. Brokerage and taxes added to the order despite presenting as a Canadian company. Products are fine, but way too expensive after the added fees.

Reset Bundle | 3 Furoshiki Gift Wraps by Jerilyn Guerrero, 18", 28", 35" & 50"

The concept and the actual product are great. The cost is not in line to value. $160. To wrap 6 gifts? Even the reuse value is now not compensated. I contacted Wrappr when I had to pay brokerages for shipment from the YS. This is a Canadian company started in Canada. When I checked the return policy it said returns to Toronto. But it ships from the US. So buyer beware the price is plus ~25%. And there is zero customer service, it’s been ten days since I reached out. Crickets. 1/10 do not recommend.

I absolutely loved the illustration on the wrap. So dreamy and magical! The wrap itself is great quality and I’ve been using it for many different uses (a scarf for my bag, wrapped a purchase of books etc). I really love it and would definitely get a bigger size next time.

Rise/Large Furoshiki Wrap



Love the design and the concept is beyond great for the planet. Would recommend!

Journey Bundle | 3 Furoshiki Gift Wraps by Alby Kenny, 18", 28" & 35"
Laura Johnston
Lovely wrapping fabric!

The furoshiki fabric pieces are beautiful & were lovely under the tree this year. I felt much better using cloth instead of paper. Now, I am ready for next year as well!

Chalice | Small Furoshiki Wrap

Gifts of Joy Bundle | 3 Furoshiki Gift Wraps on Organic Cotton
Renee Vieweg
Love them!

I bought lots and they were totally worth it. I just gave them as gifts on Christmas and everyone is so happy with them!


this wraps are beautiful - love love

love my wraps

these are beautiful thank you so much

This one is just ok.