Wrap a Liquor Bottle

Wrap a Liquor Bottle

Wine bottles are a popular gift to bring over to a dinner party. At Wrappr, we are experts at taking common gift and making them unique with our wide selection of wraps.

First off, lay your Wrappr print side down on a table so that it is shaped like a rhombus. Then lay your bottle down horizontally in the center.  

Image of a person laying a bottle of wine on your face down furoshiki Grab the bottom corner of your Furoshiki and lay it over top of your bottle, covering it entirely. 

An individual grabbing the bottom corner of the furoshiki and covering the entire bottle Now repeat the last step with the top corner of the Furoshiki. 

An individual grabbing the top corner of the furoshiki and laying it over the bottleImage of someone laying the top corner over top of the bottle With the remaining triangles, fold in the sides so that they form a smaller triangle. 

An image of the remaining corners of the furoshiki, an individual is tucking in the sides to form a smaller triangle with themA picture of an individual folding in the sides of the remaining triangles A picture of an individual folding in the sides of the triangles Keep those smaller triangles in your hand while continuously rotating your bottle in circles. This step will help you secure your bottle in your Furoshiki and create a beautiful twist in your fabric.

An image of the fabric twisted up until the point where the bottle is securely wrapped in the furoshiki An image of someone grabbing the excess fabric (the corners) An image of someone rotating the bottle while holding on to the sides of the furoshiki And would you look at that beautiful twist!  

Image of a bottle wrapped securely in a furoshiki Take the excess ends and wrap it around the neck of the bottle and tie a bow to complete this wrap!

An image of someone wrapping the excess corner fabric around the neck of the bottle Image of someone tying a knot around the bottle of the neck An image of someone tying a double knot with the furoshiki Yay! You've got a beautiful looking bottle, perfect to gift, style in your home or bring over to a party! 

An image of a bottle wrapped in furoshiki
Seen above: Voyage Medium Cotton Furoshiki Wrap by artist Alby Kenny


Happy St Patrick’s day!! We are loving this St Pattys day bottle wrap! This furoshiki wrap is a Celtic design in medium cotton fabric by Toronto based artist Alby Kenny. Perfect for St Pattys day festivities!! Full step by step tutorial on how to get this look is on our website www.wrappr.com ! Head over to our insta or website to SHOP this look!! #furoshiki #stpatt #stpatricksday #artist #howtostyle

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