Wrappr is now available in-stores at Indigo

Wrappr is now available in-stores at Indigo

June 6th, 2022

It is always an exciting opportunity to give the Artists that work with Wrappr another platform in which they can share their talent and creative energy. Indigo, the largest book and home-goods retailer in Canada, is now offering selected furoshiki wrap designs at their most popular locations in Canada. Lovers of Wrappr and new eyes can now get the in person experience of feeling our wraps and seeing their beautiful designs created by Artists from all across the globe. 


Celebration from The Koi and The Lily Collection is by Toronto Artist and Animator Adam Klassen.


image of Celebration by Artist Adam Klassen

This collection is inspired by the hearty and beautiful water lily. Sprouting out of wet soil, reaching up through the dark water towards the sunlight, to the deep water's surface, the water lily is a universal symbol for rebirth, celebration and hope.

Artist Adam Klassen posing in Indigo with his furoshiki wrap

Artist Adam Klassen is a Juno nominated animator. He has several collections with Wrappr, each one of them beautifully detailed and vibrant. Adam often finds inspiration for his artwork in nature, you can read more about him and his creative process here

Celebration is featured in Indigo in a size Medium, the perfect size to wrap gifts such as wine bottles. 


Rise from The Wildflower Collection  is by Chicago based Artist and Illustrator Kristin Heldt.

Image of Rise a Large Organic Cotton Furoshiki by Artist Kristin Heldt


When asked about the inspiration behind the piece, Artist Kristin Heldt responded:

"I long for the days where the magic among the wildflowers is protected by all. Where all creatures treasure the nature that was once a part of our true soul. Daisies bring reminders of new beginnings, of hope that there will be balance among humans and nature once again." 

Artist Kristin Heldt , has always felt a strong sense of creative energy from a young age. A lot of her art pieces highlight the natural beauty of nature with many beautiful floral and designs and use of earthy colours . 

Rise is featured in Indigo in Organic Cotton Material in a size Large, the perfect size to wrap larger gifts or use as a scarf or style as a top.


Home from The Escapism Collection is by Ottawa based Artist and Muralist Effie Theodosiou, also known as lzysunday.

home by artist lzysunday


This wrap was inspired by Boston ferns and Rubber plants, two plants that are known for cleansing and purifying the air. Human beings search for escapism in many things. Oftentimes, the best way to find it is to get back in touch with nature and its beautiful gifts.he Escapism Collection honors the natural beauty of the planet and the peace you may find within it. 

Artist lzysunday posing with her furoshiki wrap in Indigo

Artist lzysunday, is the creator of many whimsy, wavy and wonderful illustrations displayed as murals all across Ontario, Canada. Like many of our artists, sustainability and a love for the environment inspires a lot of lzysunday's work. You can often find hints of nature elements in her work. Her work brings a sense of warmth and fun into spaces.

Home is featured in Indigo in Organic Cotton material in a size Medium, the perfect size to wrap gifts around the size of a shoe box.

Retail Packaging designed by Rawbie Thring.