Just BGraphic

Just BGraphic

How did JustBGraphic come to be? 

For over 10 years we’ve been working in communities providing arts based programming for youth grades 5+ What started out as drop in programs at community centres, evolved into summer camps, community showcases, festivals and so much more.

Now our programs are curriculum based and are offered during the school day in the classroom.  Our team of art educators and instructors provide a variety of arts based programs for various school boards in the GTA. 

Just BGRAPHIC is a not-for-profit organization evolving as a social enterprise. Our social conscience is rooted in the belief that students exposed to a culturally responsive curriculum that employs progressive pedagogies are more likely to succeed academically.

Image of Jenelle Lewis collection with Wrappr - Favourite Things

Above is JustBGraphic alumni Jenelle Lewis Favourite Things collection with Wrappr. This collection is available in 2 sizes (medium & large) and is 100% recycled polyester material.

Why did you choose to collaborate with Wrappr? Tell us a little bit about your collaboration.

Our goal is to revolutionize arts education by providing students with meaningful arts based educational experiences that are equitable and sustainable.  Wrappr represents both of these attributes, by provide students and young artists with an opportunity to learn and grow their art.  

We believe in providing youth opportunities for growth.  Working with our partners, we provide career building opportunities that exceed the arts and touch all parts of our society. We hire students and young artists, expanding their skills and refining their ability to create, teach and communicate.

Through this partnership students will learn about the textile art industry and have the potential to earn real life money from their passion.  

What kind of courses does JustBGraphic offer? What is the inspiration behind your courses? 

We currently offer over 20 programs in the various art disciplines:  visual arts, dance, performing arts, digital art and literary arts. Everything from drawing 101 to complex multidisciplinary projects.  

All of our programs enhance the curriculum by providing cultural depth and responsive pedagogies.   

Our collection of programs are growing to include fitness, mental health, history, science, geography, culinary arts, financial literacy and much more.  Our goal

Is to redesign arts education to be more adaptive and responsive; challenging aging norms and allowing other new ways of thinking creating and learning.  

What are some things that are important to you when you are designing courses? 


What are your biggest hopes for JustBGraphic? 

As we move forward with online and in person schooling Just BGRAPHIC has undergone a drastic transformation, realigning our educational programs to reflect our mission statement; ‘Revolutionize Arts Education’.  If you are reading this post, we hope that we share our passion for progressive education that challenges the ideals of a eurocentric based educational system. We believe this is a great opportunity for us to work together and promote our collective expertise as progressive educators to combat racism through education.

We work with heart! Our slogan, “Be You. BGRAPHIC”, echoes the voices of aspiring artists on a quest to live authentically into their creative destiny. It fuels the commitment of our team to build safe, accessible, non-hobbyist programs for students to explore the nooks of their creative identity; and it gives licence to our trained instructors and educators to turn the taste of raw talent into an ambitious appetite for young artist.

What gap is JustBGraphic trying to fill in our communities and education system? 

Our goal is to bring in programs that are reflective of the diversity in school communities. We want to amplify the voices of our students from across the world in the classroom. We strongly believe that the arts is the best means to bridge that gap.

What are some of the outcomes of JustBGraphic that you are most proud of? 

We have been so proud of our achievements over the years, everything from our community festivals, school tours, summer arts academy and parent engagement nights have moments in our hearts and minds forever. However, the most rewarding moments are when you see the young people exceed and do well. The moment when a skill get refined, or a solution has been created or a moment of leadership that impacts others for the better are the moments that we make us most proud. 

What is the most important thing for community building in terms of art?

Building community is intrinsically tied to developing arts.