Chloé's Furoshiki Gift Wrap Event

Chloé's Furoshiki Gift Wrap Event

Chloé was founded in Paris, 1952 by Gaby Aghion with a vision of offering luxury ready to wear which was feminine, modern, free-spirited and graceful. The brands vision is luxury with a conscious, or in other words, "honest luxury" which is reflective in their spirit and very aligned with Wrappr. 

This holiday season, Chloé compiled their leftover fabric from their collections in 2022 and made beautiful furoshiki wraps that were given to their clients as a gift with purchase. Furoshiki is the 1,200 year old tradition of fabric wrapping that was originated in Japan.

Wrappr's stylist Dee posing with some gifts wrapped in furoshiki Wrappr's stylist Dee Connolly posing next to gifts wrapped in furoshiki. 

Wrappr was honoured to be invited to Chloé at their New York City and Toronto locations to teach their clients how to wrap gifts sustainably using furoshiki. Wrappr's team enjoyed speaking to clients about the longevity of furoshiki wraps. Furoshiki is an eco-friendly alternative to one time use wrapping paper that can be re-used as gift wrap, scarves, tops, beach cover ups and more. 

image of Chloé's furoshiki wraps Please contact Wrappr's team for inquires on furoshiki gift wrapping events. 

About Chloé

Chloé is a luxury French fashion brand that celebrates free-spirited femininity which started with a revolutionary vision in 1952 of offering luxury ready-to-wear clothes that are feminine, modern and graceful. Chloé's mission is to give women the freedom to dare to be themselves and they continue to push for change in terms of sustainability in the fashion world. 

About Wrappr

Wrappr is the simple, gorgeous earth-loving alternative to disposable paper gift wrap. Honouring Furoshiki, the 1,200-year-old Japanese tradition of fabric wrapping, each Wrappr is a gift in itself, designed to be repurposed or re-used as gift wrap or an accessory and is perfect for any season or celebration. Created by independent artists who love our planet as much as you do, every eco-friendly Wrappr reduces our carbon footprint, supports our creative community and makes the world a better, more beautiful place.