Wrappr Pop-Up Shop at 1-Hotel Toronto

Wrappr Pop-Up Shop at 1-Hotel Toronto

Right in the midst of the winter holiday season, Wrappr opened a little pop up shop at 1-Hotel in Toronto on December 18th & 19th 2021. Wrappr's best selling artisan-designed Furoshiki Gift Wraps were available for customers to browse and shop. Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese no-waste fabric gift wrap and an eco-friendly and sustainable option for gifting.  


Offering an in-person shopping experience represents a dream come true for founder and CEO Brittany Trafford. This was a great opportunity to meet people in the community and introduce Wrappr to locals and visitors alike. The furoshiki wraps are art pieces themselves and are designed by artists all across the globe, they come in different materials and sizes that make every part of the gifting process beautiful.

image of CEO Brittany Trafford and team speaking with customers

There are so many ways in which you can utilize one Furoshiki Wrap. This pop-up at 1 hotel was a great opportunity for Wrappr to bring this experience to life in their own retail space.  Wrappr's team had the opportunity to lead in person tutorials on how to wrap a variety of gifts of different shapes and sizes. Customers got to follow along and support a local women-led business.

an image of different gifts wrapped in furoshiki

 Please contact Wrappr's team for inquires on pop ups.