Pop-up at 1 Hotels in New York

Pop-up at 1 Hotels in New York

Wrappr's missions are to eliminate waste created by gifting and to support real artists. Their message of sustainability is very aligned with the mission of 1 Hotels, whose architecture captures the beauty of nature with a commitment to safeguarding it. 

1 hotel brooklyn bridge pop up

Wrappr enjoyed introducing New York locals and visitors alike to their sustainable products at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge on December 7th - December 8th 2022 and 1 Hotel Central Park from December  9th - December 11th 2022. 

1 hotel pop up central park

Wrappr was honoured to have the opportunity to highlight their artists and teach visitors from all over the world how to be more sustainable this holiday season. CEO Brittany Trafford and team offered tutorials on how to wrap gifts such as wine bottles and different sized gift boxes using furoshiki. Furoshiki is the sustainable concept of fabric wrapping that was originated in Japan, Wrappr is proud to be embracing and celebrating this concept and encouraging people to move away from one-time use wrapping paper. 


Wrappr believes in the beauty of reusability and shopping products that have a circular life, they are always excited to bring that experience to life in their own retail space and are grateful to work with beautiful sustainable brands such as 1 Hotel. 

Please contact Wrappr's team for inquires on pop ups. 

About 1 Hotel

The 1 Hotels brand is rooted in nature-inspired, sustainably designed luxury—committed to wellness in every element. Their top-tier, mission-driven team and influential partners comprise an international collective of nature-dedicated, global-thinking leaders who bring their all and leave no trace. 1 Hotel Central Park and 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge claimed the #2 and #13 spots in Conde Nast Traveler’s Top 50 Hotels in NYC; 1 Hotel South Beach was awarded #7 in CNT’s Top Ten Hotels in the U.S.

About Wrappr

Wrappr is the simple, gorgeous earth-loving alternative to disposable paper gift wrap. Honouring Furoshiki, the 1,200-year-old Japanese tradition of fabric wrapping, each Wrappr is a gift in itself, designed to be repurposed or re-used as gift wrap or an accessory and is perfect for any season or celebration. Created by independent artists who love our planet as much as you do, every eco-friendly Wrappr reduces our carbon footprint, supports our creative community and makes the world a better, more beautiful place.