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 What is Soniva's mission as a company?

Our mission is to help customers curate well-considered gifts that cultivate deeper connections and inspire unforgettable moments.

What is unique about Soniva?

We're passionate about sustainability, and this comes to life through the brands we work with, each of which positively impacts the world through fair trade practices, small-batch production, and environmentally friendly practices. 


 furoshiki wrap

What is your creative process?

We're inspired by and drawn to great design and beautiful, high-quality products with sophisticated details. 

Tell us a bit about the artwork for this furoshiki wrap with Wrappr?

As reflected in our contemporary branding, Soniva is a company that wears its heritage on its sleeve. 

The artwork created by our design team,, conveys joy, sun, and the tropics, in tribute to our native Bermuda. 


corner of furoshiki wrap

Do you have any tips or practices to share with people who are making the lifestyle shift towards zero-waste and sustainable practices?

We understand the enormous impact wasteful gift packaging has on our planet. 

We want to live our sustainable values by ethically sourcing our packaging and trimmings and finding ways to reduce and reuse them. 

How did you come to work with Wrappr and what is the highlight of collaborating with Wrappr for you?

In pursuit of a sustainable alternative to traditional gift packaging, we found Wrappr on Instagram and fell in love with the brand's art, beauty, and purpose. 

We're thankful to have collaborated with Wrappr and enjoyed every touchpoint, specifically producing our own custom Furoshiki fabric wrap! 

After receiving our first sample, a major highlight was seeing our creation come to life. We chose the satin fabric for the final production, which turned out so stunning than we could have envisioned. 

Soniva Furoshiki Wrap by Wrappr

Photo credit to Alexandra Votsis



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