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It was a pleasure working with Seattle based home fragrance company, Summit & Terrace, to create two custom Furoshiki wraps in collaboration with artist The Mint Gardener. Read our interview with company founders - and sisters - Desiree and Michaela.

What is Summit + Terrace's mission as a company?

At S&T we strive to tell stories through our scents. Our mission is to bring these stories to the home’s of our customers through non-toxic fragrances.

How was the brand of Summit + Terrace born?

Female founded and operated by two sisters, Desiree and Michaela. After our family dog, Murphy, passed from lung cancer, our mom had a realization that the candles we were burning at home could’ve been a contributing factor. Although we don’t know what truly caused his cancer, we couldn’t shake the idea that potentially toxic candles could be to blame. We knew if we were right about the cause of Murphy’s cancer, we had to do something to prevent candle lovers from losing a part of their family. So we researched different oils, waxes and wicks until we eventually started hand pouring candles in our tiny studio apartment in Seattle. 

After two years of testing, we launched our Marketplace line in 2019 before introducing our customers to our fine fragrance Muse Collection in 2022.

To honor our familial roots and favorite memories growing up, we picked the name Summit to reference our European ancestry and all the months we spent there. The name Terrace was chosen as a way to remember our grandmother as we spent time on her terrace learning our culture. Two of the streets we lived on in Seattle were Summit and Terrace which made us know we found the name of our company.

How has the brand changed over the past 2 years?

Summit & Terrace Artisanal Fragrance began at the Ballard Farmer’s Market in Seattle with our first line, the Marketplace Collection. Following the success of our first line, we further expanded into our Fine Fragrance line, The Muse Collection, in the Spring of 2022.

After expanding into the Muse Collection, we envisioned a Mediterranean lifestyle collective and opened our first boutique as Summit & Terrace in the heart of Ballard, Seattle in May 2023. 

Summit & Terrace is now a home fragrance and lifestyle collective designed for a mindful and sustainable life.

Do you have any tips or practises to share with people who are making the lifestyle shift towards zero-waste and sustainable practices?

S&T encourages people to get creative with their reusable vessels post burning. Use the candle vessel as a glass, a vase for your flowers or for make up brushes. Our company encourages customers to come back with previously used S&T vessels and we will refill them at a discount. 

Tell us a bit about the custom artwork created for this furoshiki wrap

Our Furoshiki Wrappr’s were created in collaboration with the fabulous watercolor artist, Sarah Simon of The Mint Gardener. The Anemone and Apres Ski Wrappr’s were created to celebrate sustainability, beautiful design and nostalgic gifting. 

The Anemone Wrappr can be used for year-round gifting and accessorizing at the perfect 18” size. The Apres Ski Wrappr was designed to celebrate those post ski sessions without the snow! The Apres Ski Wrappr is elegantly wrapped around our 8.5oz scented candle complimenting the rest of the Muse Collection line. We love to see our customers Meet their Muse through this fine fragrance line. 

How did you come to work with Wrappr and what is the highlight of collaborating with Wrappr for you?

We had our eye on Wrappr after meeting Brittany in New York and 6 months later we launched our first collaboration with the Mint Gardener through these elegant Wrapprs. The highlight of bringing our vision to life with Wrappr is that we hope people start to re-purpose various products from empty glass vessels to sustainable gift wrap. Wrappr enhances the value of our Après Ski Scented Candle with its reusable nature.

What is your favourite way to style a furoshiki wrap?

We love to use the furoshiki wrap around our Muse Collection of Scented Candles; it creates the perfect ready-to go gift! We also love styling our Apres Ski and Anemone Wrappr’s as a neck scarf, hair accessory, pop of color to a handbag, or to gift a bottle of wine. 

Summit & Terrace x Wrappr collab

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