Trauma Practice

What is Trauma Practices’s mission as an organization? How did this organization come to be?

Trauma traverses culture, history, race, gender, location, and language. By acknowledging the unique needs of diverse communities, Trauma Practice is committed to supporting trauma survivors by providing accessible, transformative and essential care.

Our organization is dedicated to reducing barriers, overcoming stigma and strengthening communities by offering free online clinician-led group programs and resources for trauma recovery for individuals across Ontario.

Image of Trauma Practice Team Some of our Dedicated Trauma Practice Board and Clinical Volunteer Members: Left to Right: Anna Kozina, Dr. Robert Muller, Kristina Cordeiro, Sara Rependa, Dr. Anna Baranowsky

What is unique about Trauma Practice?

At its core, Trauma Practice strives to connect clients to free, accessible and inclusive trauma-informed care. We are driven to empower those who have experienced trauma to develop a deep sense of well-being as they learn new skills and coping mechanisms.

Our volunteer-led organization serves and supports the community through rich program-focused online groups. The safe and collaborative environment provided by Trauma Practice has benefitted thousands in our community who would not have otherwise received care.

By fostering communal connections, we strive to stimulate new ideas, build participation and strengthen mental health awareness.

photo of trauma practice's fundraising initiatives One of Trauma Practice’s fundraising initiatives: Getting Muddy for Trauma Mental Health at Mud Hero in 2019 with Dr. Anna Baranowsky (pictured in blue).

How has your personal experience influenced the direction of the organization’s vision and mission?

Since 2001, I have been providing direct psychological services for trauma survivors at our busy clinic. My team frequently takes calls and emails from trauma survivors seeking services.

It became apparent to me that many people in the community needed trauma-informed care but could not access this easily or in a timely manner. I was particularly touched by conversations I had with an individual who had no funds for private services, had been exposed to severe on-the-job traumatic incidents and could not access insurance despite his injuries. As a result, we provided pro-bono services, and eventually, he was able to stabilize, reclaim his insurance coverage, and finally, with treatment and training, return to meaningful work.

Unfortunately, when individuals fall through the cracks, they might blame themselves for trauma symptoms that proper treatment may address. I felt very passionate about finding solutions for those who might not have access to services and would benefit greatly. The next step became figuring out strategies to help those in the community find services that made a difference.

What is your creative process?

Trauma Practice is an innovative organization that values exploring new ideas and directions and watching them grow.

Our dedicated and creative team is constantly working to evolve our programs with fresh ideas while keeping the firm foundation of trauma-focused programming that we are known for.

How has the organization changed over the past 2 years?

We initially provided all of our services through in-person groups. During Covid-19, we quickly pivoted to address the needs of a world in lockdown. We offered virtual programs and services, including our popular online Trauma Recovery Program (at no charge for those in need).

Do you have any tips or practises to share with people who are making the lifestyle shift towards zero-waste and sustainable practices?

We are passionate about empowering people and enriching the community we serve! Like Trauma Practice, organizations like the Repair Café ( offer free tools and resources so that community members can learn how to repair household items.

It's all about sharing resources and kindness and supporting our community. By working together, we can all make a difference!

Tell us a bit about the custom artwork created for this Furoshiki wrap

The unique and versatile design is a beautiful representation of the community we serve!

Rawbie Thring: "The viewer is travelling through the circle of flowers passing through with the assistance of Trauma Practice to discover a new and better place to be."

Trauma Practice Furoshiki Artwork


How did you come to work with Wrappr and what is the highlight of collaborating with Wrappr for you?

Our Executive, Board and staff are honoured to collaborate with Wrappr's amazing and inspiring team. One of the highlights was seeing the gorgeous and elegant design created by artist Rawbie Thring that will promote mental health awareness and the unique community resources that Trauma Practice provides. We also love that this is a sustainable design to be re-used and loved by others.

What is your favourite way to style a furoshiki wrap?

As an accessible and supportive organization, we find the single-bow style furoshiki elegant yet versatile.

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