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Furoshiki is perfect for the brand looking to minimize waste in their packaging and leave their consumers with a thoughtful gift with their purchase. The reusable nature of the product also provides a powerful advertising opportunity for any brand. Instead of using packaging that goes from a customer's hands and into a landfill, the customer will be left with reusable packaging that can be regifted, reused and seen over and over again.

Creating a furoshiki wrap for your brand is simple. We will work together with Wrappr’s roster of artists to create your custom artwork or print your own custom design. We print on materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, satin and silk and in 4 different sizes. The minimum order quantity is 100 units and production takes 2 - 4 weeks based on quantity. 


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Recent Projects

1 Hotels

We’re teaming up with 1 Hotels to celebrate the beauty of nature, expressing our gratitude for the gifts it brings us by eliminating the waste generated from gifting—and inspiring others to Give Art, Not Waste.

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We are thrilled to have had the great opportunity to collaborate with the amazing team at Sephora to create a custom furoshiki wrap to celebrate Holiday 2021

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Hudson's Bay

Wrappr is excited to be at the Hudson's Bay Beauty Gala event this year! When you spend $175+ on cosmetics and fragrances at select Hudson's Bay stores, you can receive a Wrappr furoshiki gift wrap designed by artist Alby Kenny or Ponnopozz.

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Secret Location

We had the great opportunity to work with Vancouver-based concept store, Secret Location to create a custom furoshiki wrap designed by artist Essery Waller. Here is our interview with Carey Hulshof, the founder and creative director of Secret Location.

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We're thrilled to have partnered with Toronto product stylist Dee Connolly to create a custom furoshiki wrap for her new brand of elevated party supplies - Pardee!

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Bullfrog Power

Wrappr is proud to be working with Bullfrog Power, a company with a visionary goal to transform Canada's energy landscape and make green electricity more accessible for businesses and homes. Here is our interview with Ann McDougall, Bullfrog Power's graphic designer and the creator of their custom branded furoshiki wrap.

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