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In 2019, Wrappr was launched with the goal of reducing waste from gift wrap and providing more opportunities and support for independent artists. What better way to provide more exposure for artists than by spreading their work through a network of friends and family through gifting.

A few short years later and we have worked with over 30 artists from all over the world. We work mostly with animators, textile designers and illustrators but our application is open to anyone that would like to apply.

We look for artists that have their own unique style and give them the freedom to be creative, creating a collection that they are proud to put their name on and share with our audience.

Artists are paid upfront for their work and also make a $1.00 royalty on every sale of their work. Royalties are paid out automatically every 3 months via Paypal. 


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More Opportunities

We're proud to have partnered with the retailers Indigo, Hudson’s Bay and Macy’s, to reach a wider audience and give more exposure to artist's work. At Wrappr, we often work with artists to create custom furoshiki wrap designs for brands. You can learn about our past brand projects here.

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