Sephora and Wrappr collobaration photo of a  gift box wrapped in furoshiki surrounded by flowers


Teaming up with Sephora, and artist Ana Carolina Lopes, we produced a custom designed satin furoshiki wrap to be a gift with any purchase of $100 or more in Sephora stores across the United States during the 2021 holiday season.

The custom designed artwork, titled ‘New Horizons’, is a hand painted watercolour motif.

New Horizons Furoshiki by Ana Carolina Lopes, hand painted in watercolour When asked about the inspiration behind the piece, artist Ana Carolina Lopes responded:

“When creating this design for Wrappr and Sephora I had many references that came into my mind like Salvador Dali's surrealist piece that has gorgeous gradient skies/horizons such as "The Persistence Of Memory” (1931) and the "Meditative Rose” (1958). I visualised a fuchsia flower, hummingbirds and fish scales, makeup and its textures, and I thought of Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing cracked porcelain with gold. It celebrates each object’s unique history by emphasising its breaks, instead of trying to hide them, giving them a new look, a second life. Isn't that a beautiful metaphor for what life should be like? Embracing our broken parts and growing from them truthfully and beautifully.``


A close up of the Sephora X Wrappr furoshiki. Image is of a bird

Leveraging the creative talents of our team at Wrappr, we had the great privilege to produce photography, video and develop a custom web landing page featuring tutorials on how to wrap with furoshiki and bonus materials for customers who received the furoshiki wrap as a gift with purchase in-store.


A truly collaborative effort, we were thrilled to see the final result - a beautiful and sustainable alternative to traditional wrapping paper being discovered as a gift with purchase  by Sephora customers in the US. 

Sephora x Wrappr - Furoshiki Wrap

Additionally, Ana’s artwork will live on, being passed through friends and family by way of gifting, celebrating the holiday season and celebrations for years to come.


Shop Sephora online at and read our interview with artist Ana Carolina Lopes (Ana Cayana) here