Archita Khosla - Wrappr

Archita Khosla

Who are you and how did you start making art? Why do you make art?

Hello! I'm Archita, a full time illustrator living in London. I've been drawing ever since I was a child, but I started illustrating as a full time job when I moved from Singapore to London around 2 years ago. I studied Design Communication and majored in Advertising from Goldsmith's College, University of London. 

What do you do to get into your creative zone? 

I brew a tall cup of coffee, open the windows for some fresh air, listen to a podcast and that somehow gets me into my creative zone. I also love to explore art exhibitions and galleries across London for some fresh inspiration.

What is your inspiration? Or how has your personal experience influenced your creativity? 

The changing seasons and the beautiful parks in London are my inspiration. Apart from my passion to illustrate, I also love fashion. I try to combine my love for illustration and fashion by creating fashionista women and animals through my work.

What is your most important artists’ tool, the one thing you couldn’t imagine creating without?

My colour pencils! I draw traditionally and it wouldn't be possible without them.

How has your practice changed over the past 2 years? 

When I first started out I used a limited colour palette. Now, I come up with new colour palletes every now and then. I love surprising myself!

What is your dream creative project or dream team collaboration? 

Wrappr is definitely one of my dream collaborations since I resonate with the brand's purpose. I'd also really like to illustrate more picture books!

Who are your biggest influences (art, music, film, socials, activism etc)? 

Music has been one of my biggest influences since I've been playing the piano ever since I was five years old. My favourite pianists are Beethoven, Chopin and Mozart. After I play the piano, I am able to be so much more creative.

What is the role of an artist in society? 

To bring joy and bring change to the world in our own way possible. For example, through this collaboration with Wrappr, we aim to reduce paper waste and reuse wrappr in fun, creative ways.

Do you have any tips or practices to share with people who are making the lifestyle shift towards zero-waste and sustainable practices? 

It is definitely a jouney and not a destination. I try to shop sustainable clothing. I read the labels on clothes every time I buy something. I've stopped buying clothes made of polyester and now, only buy cotton, wool or silk. I also take my cloth bag to the farmers market/supermaket so I don't have to pay for a plastic bag.

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