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Nina Clausonet

Who are you and how did you start making art? Why do you make art?

I am Nina, a German Communication Designer & Illustrator and I am living with my husband and my two kids in Bavaria, Germany. Drawing has always been my great passion and, as a self-taught artist, I have learned all the techniques, traditional and digital, by myself. I have always drawn traditional and started digital drawing only 4 years ago. As a young girl I drew lots of portraits and studied the human eye. It was the most interesting part for me to draw faces and this did not change until today.

As young adult it was very clear that I wanted to have a creative profession. At first I applied at the University of Art in Munich, but they refused me. Very frustrated because of that another door was opened and I studied Communication Design in Munich - which was the best thing that happened to me, I am sure about. After finishing my studies I worked in different design agencies before starting my own design office. But my heart is still on fire for painting.

With my illustrations I want to spread hope and joy, and to use my voice to support good things such as environmental and mental health issues, woman empowerment and messages of faith - using bright, bold colours and geometric shapes.

What do you do to get into your creative zone?

Most of the time I just start sketching right away without thinking a lot - I let it flow. The ideas evolve while I am drawing and I really enjoy this process. It is so interesting which ideas are coming up, when you are not influenced by several things.

When I have a lack of creativity I try to take some time off, to calm down by listening to music, enjoying nature or studying an art book.

What is your inspiration? Or how has your personal experience influenced your creativity?

I find my inspiration in calm moments, listening to music or being in nature. I love to go in the Museum, poking around in book stores or visting vintage markets. Whenever I see art in general it inspires me. Fashion and strong women are a source of inspiration too.

What is your most important artists’ tool, the one thing you couldn’t imagine creating without? 

Definitely pencil and paper. I love to feel natural materials and drawing traditional. Nothing can replace that feeling.

How has your practice changed over the past 2 years?

My practice has always changed a bit throughout the years. I reflect myself a lot, I am very impatient and very critical with myself.

So when I don’t like something I created, I try to change that. I experiment a lot, until I am comfortable with the result. In this process I always try to remember why I started and who I am.

What is your dream creative project or dream team collaboration?

Definitely the collaboration with Wrappr too - it was a pleasure to create a design for you, because I can absolutely identify with your ideas.

For me a dream collaboration is one that I can identify with for 100% - that could be a sustainable fashion collab, a product design with purpose or a motivating children book (I have already written and illustrated some, but never published them).

What is the role of an artist in society?

That’s an interesting question.

I think as an artist you have the possibility and the responsibility to use your voice for good things.

You can spread positivity, raise awareness and speak up for values you stand for.

Do you have any tips or practices to share with people who are making the lifestyle shift towards zero-waste and sustainable practices? 

I can tell you: don’t put pressure on you to be perfect - it is a process. The little steps are the most important to start your change of lifestyle.

Things you can easily do are: eat more veggies, reduce your plastic products (better buy those that come along without plastic), take your totebag with you, don’t buy plastic bottles, try vegan products (most of them are so delicious!) and consume conscious.

I think the most impact every single person can have on our Earth is determined by decisions we make day by day. We decide what we want to support or not, and we have the power to make a change.

What is the highlight of collaborating with Wrappr for you? 

The highlight is the collaboration itself. I am really happy and feel honoured to be part of the Wrappr community.

I can absolutely identify with the idea of using the beautiful Wrappr to prepare presents in a beautiful and sustainable way - what an amazing idea to reduce waste. This is an issue which is very important to me and which I love to support.

Besides that I love that you are working with different artists from all over the world - this is so interesting and inspiring. Thanks for this great opportunity.


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