Shindig Collection

Break out the champagne and ring in The Roaring Twenty-Twenties! Our first collection of the decade is called Shindig: Inspired by French artist Henri Matisse's "Cut-Outs", these lively collages of colour are ready to celebrate any occasion. No matter which way you wrap it, let your gift pop with one of our two palettes: the bubbly Fête or charming Soirée.

Size Guide

Our small wraps measure 18" or 50 cm. square and are perfect for wrapping gifts that are the size of a jewellery box up to a tissue box size.

Our medium wraps measure 28" or 71 cm. square and are a good size to wrap gifts around the size of a shoe box, wrap a bouquet of flowers or wrap a wine bottle.

Our large wraps measure 35" or 90 cm. square and are great for larger gifts or even reusing as a grocery bag or purse.

Our extra large wraps measure 50" or 130 cm. square and are big enough for wrapping large oddly shaped items and even reuse as a picnic blanket.

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