How to wrap a gift with fouroushiki and a scrunchie

Wrap a gift with a Hair Scrunchie

At Wrappr we are all about gifting gifts that that can be re-purposed. This scrunchie method does just that!  

Furoshiki x Scrunchie Gift Wrap 

You can get started by laying your furoshiki wrap face down on a flat surface with your gift box in the middle

An image of a gift box placed at the center of a face down furoshiki wrap

Grab opposite corners of the Furoshiki and bring them together over top of the center of the gift box

An image of an individual grabbing opposite corners of a furoshiki wrap and bringing them towards one another, over top the center of the box

Then grab the two remaining corners of the furoshiki and bring those towards the center...

An image of an individual grabbing the remaining corners of the box and bringing them together overtop the center of the box

Hold on tightly to all 4 corners of your Furoshiki wrap over top of your gift box. 

An image of someone holding all 4 corners of a fourshiki wrap over top of the gift box

Secure all 4 corners together with your scrunchie 

An image of someone wrapping a scrunchie around all 4 corners of the furoshiki wrap to secure them together
An image of someone securing all 4 corners of their furoshiki wrap with a scrunchie

You're done!! Style your furoshiki and scrunchie the way you see fit in this last step. Here we are tucking the corner ends into the center of the hold!

Image of someone styling the scrunchie and fourshiki gift wrap in its final step

Above: Using Sage Path Cotton Furoshiki Wrap by Vivi Maidanik