Von Bingen

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Von Bingen
Von Bingen
Von Bingen
Von Bingen
Von Bingen
Von Bingen
Von Bingen
Von Bingen
Von Bingen
Von Bingen
Von Bingen
Von Bingen

Von Bingen

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Size Small
Material Cotton

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Small wrap (50 cm. x 50 cm. square / 19.5 x 19.5 inches square) featuring original artwork by Andrea Cheung. Perfect for wrapping gifts that are around the size of a tissue box.

  • 100% cotton.
  • Machine washable.
  • Reusable product saves you money.
  • Eliminates waste produced by traditional one-time use wrapping paper.
  • All shipping materials are recycled and biodegradable.
  • All artwork is original.
  • Supports local artists, $1 of every sale goes to the artist.
  • Worldwide shipping.
  • Money-back guarantee.

For cotton wraps, wash in cold water with like colors and then hang to dry. Iron on low heat if needed.

For polyester and silk wraps, hand wash in cold water, hang to dry.

Our packaging is intentionally minimal. All packaging materials are made of post-consumer waste or are recyclable.

Each wrap comes with a card insert with info about the product and a simple tutorial on how to wrap a gift box.

All of our products are produced in China in a BSCI, ISO9001 & HIGG certified factory.

We also have GOTS & GRS certifications for cotton and recycled polyester wraps.

Circular designed product

Artists get a royalty on every sale

Ships from the US in 1-2 business days

Free returns within 30 days

Product & Factory Certifications

Size Guide

Our small wraps measure 18" or 50 cm. square and are perfect for wrapping gifts that are the size of a jewellery box up to a tissue box size.

Our medium wraps measure 28" or 71 cm. square and are a good size to wrap gifts around the size of a shoe box, wrap a bouquet of flowers or wrap a wine bottle.

Our large wraps measure 35" or 90 cm. square and are great for larger gifts or even reusing as a grocery bag or purse.

Our extra large wraps measure 50" or 130 cm. square and are big enough for wrapping large oddly shaped items and even reuse as a picnic blanket.

How-to use - and reuse - Furoshiki!

Wrap a Gift Box

By Brittany Trafford on Nov 05, 2023

Make a Bag

By Brittany Trafford on Nov 03, 2023

Wrap a Bouquet of Flowers

By Aylin Tamer on Nov 02, 2023

Wrap a Wine Bottle (Medium Wrap)

By Brittany Trafford on Nov 01, 2023

Make a Watermelon Carrier

By Brittany Trafford on Jul 15, 2023

Make a Loot Bag with Furoshiki

By Aylin Tamer on Jul 12, 2023

Furoshiki Gift Wrap

Gorgeous, sustainable and affordable, Wrappr is the simple, earth-loving alternative to disposable paper gift wrapping.

Honouring Furoshiki, the 1,200-year-old Japanese tradition of fabric wrapping, each Wrappr is a gift in itself, designed to be repurposed or re-used and perfect for any season or celebration.

Created by independent artists who love our planet as much as you do, every eco-friendly Wrappr reduces our carbon footprint, supports our creative community and makes the world a better, more beautiful place.

History of Furoshiki

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