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Danni Ha

Danni Ha is an illustrator from Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Her work is rooted in a deep appreciation for the diverse flora and fauna found in the natural world. Danni celebrates nature's vibrant beauty through her fun and bright decorative style. Shop her collection called 'Vibrance' here.


Who are you and how did you start making art? Why do you make art?

Hi! My name is Danni Ha, and I’m an illustrator and muralist based in Memphis, TN. I’ve made art for as long as I can remember. I’ve always found different ways to express my creativity, and I do it for many different reasons. The main reason why I do it is because it truly fulfills me. It gives me a sense of purpose and fills me with a lot of pride and joy. Being able to make art that I can share to uplift/inspire others and create beautiful things for the important people in my life as a way to show my love for them is a big plus too.

What do you do to get into your creative zone?

Making sure that I am balanced in other areas of my life. I do that by working out, meditating, journaling, eating healthy, and getting quality sleep. When all of that is taken care of then I’m usually in a place where I have the energy to truly zone in and dive into that creative space.

What is your inspiration? Or how has your personal experience influenced your creativity?

Nature is my main source of inspiration, and it has been all my life. When I was younger, it was just because I thought that flowers and trees were pretty so I just wanted to draw them. That part hasn’t changed, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve developed a deeper appreciation for it outside of its surface-level beauty, and nature continues to be a space of inspiration and relaxation for me.

What is your most important artists’ tool, the one thing you couldn’t imagine creating without?

MY HANDS! I couldn’t possibly experiment and do all of the creative things that I love to do without my hands.

What is your dream creative project or dream team collaboration?

This collab with Wrappr is definitely a wonderful collab for me. I’ve been hoping to be able to work with Wrappr for a while, so I’m grateful that I finally got the chance to! But outside of this collab, I think it would be cool to create some designs for anything stationery.

What is the role of an artist in society?

I think it’s different for everyone, so it’s hard to put us all into one specific role. But I think we’re all here to use and share our passion and talent with the world to serve whatever causes are meaningful to us.

What is the highlight of collaborating with Wrappr for you?

Contributing to a company that promotes nature and art. I couldn’t think of a more perfect collab.

What is your favourite way to use a Wrappr?

I think it’s a tie between using it for gift wrapping and wearing it as a cute top.

Website: www.danniha.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/dannidoodls

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Furoshiki Gift Wrap

Vibrance | 18", 28", 35" & 50" Furoshiki Gift Wrap by Danni Ha

Vibrance | 18", 28", 35" & 50" Furoshiki Gift Wrap by Danni Ha

From €14,95 EUR

Vibrance Collection Bundle | 4 Furoshiki Gift Wraps by artist Danni Ha, 18", 28", 35" & 50"

Vibrance Collection Bundle | 4 Furoshiki Gift Wraps by artist Danni Ha, 18", 28", 35" & 50"

€58,95 EUR

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