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What is Secret Location’s mission as a company? How was the brand of Secret Location born?

Founded in 2012, Secret Location is an interior design firm and destination concept store with a commitment to ecological integrity and timeless value. We provide a perspective on luxury that embraces responsible production, high quality craftsmanship, and creative design. Our vision of providing high quality and responsibly made goods blossomed into a space for people to come be inspired, discover new things, and learn about our unique perspective. Since our inception we’ve always been interested in creating a unique experience. Throughout the years we’ve grown to incorporate a larger selection of product types, allowing for clients who align with our values to find a selection of everything they may need.

What is unique about Secret Location?

Secret Location weaves our commitment to responsible production and ecological integrity with our creative and curatorial eye. Focusing on friendly and thorough customer service, we strive to provide an offering that requires no compromises, be it on quality, ecological impact, or style and design. Not only do our clients love our unique and thoughtfully selected pieces from around the world, many come by our store for inspiration, never knowing what to expect, and always finding something new and exciting.

Image of the interior of Secret Location located in Vancouver, Canada

How has your personal experience influenced the direction of the store’s events and partnerships?

The success and direction of Secret Location can’t be attributed to one single individual, but rather to the diverse team of people who all make it what it is! Our team members have rich and unique backgrounds, and everybody brings something different to the table. As far as events and partnerships go, we always come back to our ethos, and ensure that our partnerships reflect our values and commitments. This has given us the opportunity to work with a variety of like minded brands, companies, and individuals, from all around the world.

What is your creative process?

Our creative process is multidimensional. As a team, we make an effort to keep up to date on news and developments within the fashion and design industries, but also more broadly with world affairs. The benefit of our tightly knit and diverse team is that everyone’s unique perspective brings something special to our creative endeavors. By then pulling in these different perspectives, references to art, our clients’ needs and interests, and global happenings, we are able to execute ideas that align with our values and are inherently unique. The result is an approach to creativity that is grounded in the present but innovative and striving for the future.

How has the brand changed over the past 2 years?

Due to the nature of our mission and values, we’re constantly adapting to ensure we carry on with positive momentum in providing responsibly produced goods that speak to our clients interests and needs. Initially known for our offering of unique and exclusive fashion labels, we’ve continued to expand our product offering to include home decor, beauty and wellness products, and much more! In the past few years we’ve also started our own in house line of products. As of now it includes sustainably produced clothing, but we’re continuing to expand this offering, the collaboration with Wrappr is amongst one of the many new releases we’re looking forward to sharing this year. We’ve also recently launched our interior design and decorating services. Continuing to focus on responsible production, high quality craftsmanship, and unique designs, we utilize our international network of brands, vendors, and craftsmen to provide a unique and thoughtful approach to interior design available for residential or commercial spaces alike.

Do you have any tips or practises to share with people who are making the lifestyle shift towards zero-waste and sustainable practices?

An excellent starting point towards a more sustainable lifestyle is shifting away from the type of consumerism exemplified by fast fashion. Finding high quality, sustainable alternatives to your staple pieces (beit your wardrobe, your interior decor, etc), extending their lifetime, and ultimately cutting back on how much you purchase. Additionally, choosing styles or designs that resonate with you and are versatile allow for extended use and adaptable styling as your personal style evolves.

Tell us a bit about the custom artwork created for this furoshiki wrap

The custom artwork featured on the furoshiki wrap was designed in collaboration with Essery Waller, one of Wrapprs’ talented resident artists. This year marks our 10th year anniversary, and we wanted to offer something to our clients that encapsulates the Secret Location vision from both a design and production perspective. The result was a beautifully designed, multi color pastel design featuring art deco inspired linework. The line work features references to our branding, inspired by the details found within our logo. The print features various layers; a mix of organic shapes and more contemporary designs are a homage to Vancouver, and its balance between nature and city. The colour pallet features our eye-catching Secret Location Blue, and a selection of playful yet luxurious colours inspired by our environment.

Secret Location Custom print by Wrappr

How did you come to work with Wrappr and what is the highlight of collaborating with Wrappr for you?

This year marks our 10th year anniversary of opening Secret Location , and we wanted to offer a memento to our clients that celebrates how far we’ve come together. And like all our in house collections, we were looking to work with a producer who is transparent about their manufacturing process, allowing us to make informed decisions that align with our mission of providing uncompromising quality and responsible production. Being able to work alongside another Canadian business that shares our values is equally special on the occasion of our 10th anniversary. We’re looking forward to sharing this collaboration with our clients and visitors alike!

What is your favourite way to style a furoshiki wrap?

My personal favorite way to style a furoshiki wrap is to tie it into a handbag. Not only does it make for a fashionable accessory, but it's incredibly practical to travel with - as the scarf requires little to no packing space. That being said, what makes furoshiki wraps special is how versatile they are. You can wear it as a scarf, tie it into a top, use it as a belt, and even use it to wrap gifts. This versatility means that everyone can find a way to utilize the item that works best for them.

Secret Location furoshiki wrap as a handbag


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