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How Wrappr was born

After the birth of our first baby, my partner and I were grateful to receive so many thoughtful presents from our friends and family. All were presented in wasteful, plastic-coated gift bags or standard single-use paper, much of which could not be recycled. The amount of waste was shocking. I thought about our struggling planet and the kind of world I wanted my daughter to inherit and set out to find an eco-friendly alternative to North American gift wrap. Serendipitously, my brother had just visited Japan and returned home with some gorgeous furoshiki wraps as souvenirs.

The furoshiki wraps were the perfect solution! They were reusable, simple to fold and incredibly beautiful. And each one was a piece of art. Not only could the fabric wraps offer a sustainable solution to the gift wrap epidemic, they could also give artists around the world the opportunity to promote and sell their work.

And so, with those two objectives in mind, Wrappr was born.

Teaming up with professional, like-minded creatives in Toronto, including photographer David Wile, and a expanding roster of international artists, including Japanese collaborators who have honoured us with their concept, we are now offering gift-givers across the globe the opportunity to make the world a better place one Wrappr at a time.

And we don't plan on stopping there. We have big dreams for the future of our company, our customers and our planet. We hope that people use Wrapprs and other materials they have on hand with beauty and longevity in mind. We hope that Wrappr artists will thrive and that people will be inspired to create – for themselves, for us and for the earth. We hope that businesses will package with us to promote their brand with custom furoshiki wraps designed exclusively for their products. We hope that every Wrappr has a long, happy and purposeful life. And we hope that one day, the circular economy of furoshiki will be embraced by everyone, making disposable wrapping paper a thing of the past.

Celebrate the earth and her beauty with us. Celebrate with Wrappr.

Brittany Trafford, CEO & Founder

Our Mission(s)

To eliminate the waste created by gifting


to support real artists

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Recent News

Wrappr is an award finalist at NY NOW

We are honoured to have been selected as finalists for two awards at the NY NOW Winter 2023 show: Best Emerging Brand Award and Best New Product Award. 

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Wrappr has Partnered with ShipBob

Wrappr has teamed up with ShipBob, a global 3PL that fulfills orders everywhere our customers shop.

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Wrappr is now available on Faire

May 31st, 2021 Wrappr furoshiki wraps are now available for wholesale purchase on the Faire marketplace. We’re proud to be among the 10,000+ independent brands selling on Faire.  Learn more about Faire and t...

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