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Wrapping Paper vs. Fabric Wrap


Reason #1: Time

Wrapping gifts with wrapping paper is time-consuming. First you need to scramble all of over the house to find the materials that you need. Where's the scotch tape again? And then there's the job of wrapping the gift itself, which depending on the size and shape of what you're wrapping can be a daunting task.  

Wrapping gifts with fabric wrap is quick and easy. You only need one item to get the job done - your wrap! So there's no more rummaging through your junk drawer to find the materials and tools that you need to get the job done. Just wrap the fabric around your gift, tie it in a knot and you're done. You'll wonder how you ever wasted so much time and energy wrapping with paper before. 

Reason #2: Money

The cost of wrapping paper can add up. According to Hallmark, Americans spend $3.2 billion a year on wrapping paper. That's a lot of money for a product that becomes garbage after its brief one-time use. 

Wrapping gifts with fabric doesn't need to cost anything. You can reuse a wrap that was gifted to you previously or find material in your own home to wrap with. Wrapping paper is an unnecessary cost - and unnecessary waste.

Reason #3: Waste 

540,000 tonnes of waste from wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbons and bows go into the landfill every holiday season. And for what? For a few seconds of the sound of paper being ripped apart when someone opens a gift. It's just not necessary. 

Using fabric wrap to wrap your gifts leaves no waste, absolutely none. No tape, no leftover paper, no paper roll, nothing. When your loved one opens their gift they are only left with the fabric that they can reuse to wrap a gift of their own in the future or repurpose entirely.

And if you need one more reason to make the switch here it is: wrapping paper is pretty ugly. But I get it, what great artist would want their work to be printed on paper that will be used once and then is thrown into a landfill. 

Great artwork deserves to be shared, seen and enjoyed. Share the artwork that you love through your network of friends and family through gifting. 

Give the gift that keeps on giving! 


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