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Use Furoshiki In Your Skin Care Routine

A skin care routine is an act of self-love. It's time you spend taking care of you. Incorporating Furoshiki into your routine will enrich your experience while simplifying your life. 

Using Furoshiki as a Hair Wrap 

image of someone wearing hair wrap Model Tomachi Maria, is wearing Charm by Artist Essery Waller as a head scarf

Using silk wraps can improve the look and feel of your hair. Silk fabric protects your delicate hair cuticles, it is also far less absorbent than other materials so it won't strip away the nourishing oils of your hair. 

Silk furoshiki wraps are known to preserve your hair style, which is why it is excellent to use while washing your face and doing your skin care routine. Our furoshiki hair wraps sit securely on your head without sliding off and ensures that your hair stays pushed back and dry as you get ready for your day.  

If you love a bold accessory, you can continue to wear your silk scarf beyond your skin care routine to elevate your day to day looks.

Using Furoshiki as a makeup bag 

makeup bag

Chalice is a Small Silk Furoshiki Wrap by Essery Waller, learn how to make your own cosmetic bag here

Your furoshiki makeup and skin care bag can be customized to fit and look exactly the way that you'd like. Wrappr's wide selection of designs, fabric and sizes guarantees that there is something out there for everyone. A furoshiki bag can be tightened and loosened by the handles - keeping everything secure while still being easy to access. 

Using Furoshiki to protect your hair while you sleep

image of someone wearing a head wrap and laying on a couch

Model Haliyah Hales is wearing Jade a Medium Silk Furoshiki Wrap

Wrapping your hair in Satin/Silk Furoshiki helps extend the life of hairstyles, prevent frizz and retain moisture when you're getting some rest. Without protection during the night, hair can become dry and tangled among other things. 

Wrappr has a large selection of Satin and Silk designs and lengths that will best fit your hair needs and keep it looking fresh and beautiful while you get your beauty sleep.  

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