My very first Furoshiki wraps from Japan

The history of Japanese Furoshiki

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese fabric wrap and has existed in Japan for over 1,200 years. Pronounced foo-roh-shee-kee, the word breaks down to mean ‘bath spread.’

In its earliest days, furoshiki was used by noble families and feudal lords to wrap their clothes when visiting the public baths. Public bathing was a popular thing at the time, so to prevent their belongings from becoming confused for someone else’s, bathers would wrap their possessions in a furoshiki with their family crest printed on it.

In the 20th century, the sewing machine arrived in Japan. With this advancement in technology, furoshiki could be printed for the masses and it became more popular among common people. The traditional fabric wrap was used to transport merchandise, carry tools, use as a travel bag and wrap gifts.

The use of luggage bags, handbags and wrapping paper in modern times has resulted in a decline of popularity, but the more recent demand for eco-friendly products has resulted in a new demand for furoshiki internationally.

Fabric wrapping is seen as an art in Japan. The methods for wrapping can be as simple as complex as you like. If you need some help check out our tutorials on how to wrap here

At Wrappr, we make a big effort to honour the tradition and culture of furoshiki. We work with Japanese artists, sell wholesale to Japanese shops, have collaborated with Japanese companies and have even appeared on TV Japan

Happy wrapping and cheers to the past  and future — of furoshiki!


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Amber River | 28" Furoshiki Wrap by Vivi Maidanik

Amber River | 28" Furoshiki Wrap by Vivi Maidanik

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Peach | 28" Furoshiki Wrap by Talisa Almonte

Peach | 28" Furoshiki Wrap by Talisa Almonte

€14,95 EUR

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