We Ship Sustainably

We Ship Sustainably

Every order is packed and shipped in a box made out of recycled materials, is fully recyclable and biodegradeable. However, our hope is that you reuse the box instead of throwing it out right away. The dimensions of the box are great for wrapping most small gifts like books or clothing and are ideal for being wrapped with our small furoshiki wraps

Wrappr Shipping Box

Every Wrappr furoshiki wrap comes with a card insert with instructions on how to wrap a gift box. Also included on the card insert is a link to our tutorials on how to wrap other gifts and ways to repurpose your Wrappr.

Wrappr furoshiki wraps with card inster

Our hope is that your Wrappr becomes the part of your gift that is passed on and reused through your network of friends and family.

Give art, not waste @givewrappr

Wrappr shipping box


sustainable packagingShipping boxes and other supplies are sourced from EcoEnclose