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Wrappr: We are so excited about this collaboration! The environmental missions of Wrappr and From:Us are so in-line and it feels like such a great fit considering your company is all about thoughtful and meaningful gifting. 

Can you tell us a little bit about From:Us and how it was founded?

Jessica: In 2018, my partner and I were going through a really difficult season in our lives. Two little kids, a move from the city to the burbs, and struggles with depression and anxiety left me feeling disconnected from the people and places that nourished my soul and searching for a path forward.

In a total sliding door moment, my sister sent me a picture of a gift basket she had purchased for a client and I knew in that instant this is what I was being called to do.

Through From:Us Gifting Company, we strive to strike a balance between convenience and care to gift in a way that enriches lives. Thoughtfully curated, every item is handpicked from Canadian artisans for its form and function.  A truly exceptional gift, from you, from me, From:Us.

W: What is the mission of From:Us?

J: To form joyful connections in pursuit of a diverse community that lives and works in respectful harmony with each other and the living world.

W: How do you choose the products that are available in your gift boxes?

J: It starts with a feeling. Once you fully commit to purchasing from a values first perspective, whether it’s in business or your personal life, you quickly develop the ability to sense which brands resonate with you.

In 2021, we’ve begun a more formal screening process for new products and brands based on proximity to our studio, minority owned-businesses, social and environmental commitments, and other criteria.

When selection each seasonal collection, we try to balance luxury items - those treats and treasures - with practical goods. Our hope is that each gift contains something that will become a cherished part of daily life.

W: Where do you find inspiration?

J: Nature. I love living on the west coast for its abundant wild spaces and definitely my children who provide me with an endless amount of joy and wonder.

W: Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur? 

J: No! My parents owned a small business and growing up it was a significant source of struggle and strife so that was not a life that appealed to me and yet, all of my dreams ultimately lead me to the path of entrepreneurship. I guess this is where I am meant to be.

W: How did you learn about Wrappr?

J: When the idea of From:Us was first blooming, I did a deep dive into sustainability and reusability in gift wrapping which of course led me to discover furoshiki and in turn, Wrappr.

W: Tell us a bit about the artwork and design of this custom print?

J: We wanted the print to be very colourful but still grounded in nature. The print is graced with the blossoms of the pacific dogwood, the floral emblem of British Columbia. Its both delicate and lively.

Custom furoshiki Wrappr for From:Us gifting by Wrappr

W: What are your thoughts on the climate crisis?

J: Fear is a great motivator. But so too is love. As a mother with young children, we form all of our discussions on climate change around the love and respect we have for the living world.  As beautiful flawed humans, we all make mistakes and at times hurt those that we love. It’s our responsibility and privilege to acknowledge the hurt our actions have caused and do everything in our power to make it right. Our relationship with the living world is no different.

W: What are you most looking forward to this year with your business?

J: There is so much I’m excited for but applying for BCorp Certification is the big inspiration for 2021!

Custom Furoshiki wrap for From:Us gifting by Wrappr

Custom Furoshiki wrap for From:Us gifting by Wrappr

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