The New Beginnings Collection

Created by Kamakura, Japan-based artist Keeenue, this collection was created with the image that a new sprout is born by each of our choices. In our rapidly changing world, there is hope that our daily lives will be improved as each of us becomes more aware and grows into new habits.

Size Guide

Our small wraps measure 18" or 50 cm. square and are perfect for wrapping gifts that are the size of a jewellery box up to a tissue box size.

Our medium wraps measure 28" or 71 cm. square and are a good size to wrap gifts around the size of a shoe box, wrap a bouquet of flowers or wrap a wine bottle.

Our large wraps measure 35" or 90 cm. square and are great for larger gifts or even reusing as a grocery bag or purse.

Our extra large wraps measure 50" or 130 cm. square and are big enough for wrapping large oddly shaped items and even reuse as a picnic blanket.